Using AI Blog Writing to Create Church Blogs from Your Sermons - Sermon Shots

Using AI Blog Writing to Create Church Blogs from Your Sermons

Read how to utilize AI blog writing tools to write church blog posts. Turn your sermons into content with ease.

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Blogs are a great way to enhance your online communication and presence, and they also allow your members to feel more connected to God and your church. Creating a blog and regularly posting fresh, high-quality, and engaging content is also a way to broaden your audience’s reach. 

Below, we’ll discuss why you should integrate a blog into your website and how to effectively create blogs from a sermon using AI blog writing tools. 

Benefits Of Creating Blog Posts From A Sermon

Posting a blog from a sermon can serve many different purposes, such as:

  • A blog can keep members and the community connected – A blog can keep not only members connected but also people who aren’t able to attend church in person. With social media and streaming catering to those who can’t attend, you would be surprised how many people attend your church virtually. 
  • Social media – opens up the possibility of members tuning in from the other side of the map. A weekly blog will help keep your audience connected. The more content you post throughout the week, like blogs, sermon clips, daily devotionals, etc., the more your audience will feel that spiritual connection and connection to your church.
  • Increase website traffic – Blogging helps increase search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of getting the content on your website, like a blog, to rank higher on search engines, like Google. The higher a website ranks on a search engine, the more likely that website will receive more organic traffic. 
  • There are SEO practices – to use to get your content to rank higher on a search engine, such as high-quality articles, strategic keyword placement, using the right keywords, etc. You can also increase SEO with internal links, backlinks, long posts, and fresh and original content. Using some of these practices will get your website and content seen more.
  • The ability for members to revisit content – Blog posts from sermons allow members to revisit the sermon whenever they want or need to. If they feel like they need a little inspiration or spiritual connection, they will be able to access it and read it later on. 
  • Building a sense of community – When church members share, like, or comment on the blog, it builds a sense of community as others interact with the blog and with each other. 
  • Caters to those who are visual learners – If a member misses church or they are visual learners, a blog of a sermon is a great tool for them to have. It breaks down the sermon and allows them to read it as opposed to hearing it.

How To Make Blog Of A Sermon With Sermon Shots AI Bog Writer

Referring back to creating a discussion guide, sermon clip, sermon summary, etc., you can create a blog of a sermon by uploading a video of your sermon and letting the AI blog writer do the work. 

All you need to do is upload a video of your sermon and click on how you want to download your content. For a blog of your sermon, you’ll click on the ‘blog’ button on the far-left side. 

Graphic showing how to create a sermon blog post with sermon shots.


In conclusion, by forming your blogs into sermons, they can aid in the spiritual growth of your audience, provide another way for your members to obtain and understand the message, and enhance the connection and communication of your church. With Sermon Shots, you’ll be able to create a blog from your sermon with ease.

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