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Creating short-format videos from your sermons has never been so easy
(or affordable)

We help churches create professional looking, short-format video content (we call them Sermon Shots) from your sermons. With no software to download, no added staff or outsourcing needed, you’ll be creating Sermon Shots right way! Ready to go?
✓ Save More Time
✓ Save More Money
✓ Reach More People
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If you’re like us you’ve probably noticed that:

  • Professional-looking video content is hard to create
  • It can be really expensive
  • It can be very time consuming
  • Trying to figure it out yourself is exhausting

The Good News is We've Got Your Back! ↓

Sermon Clips • Sermon Snippets • Sermon Snaps • Mini-Sermons • Micro Sermon Videos • Sermon Recaps • Sermon Highlights • Bite-Size Sermons • Little Short Sermon Videos to post to Social Media • Those Videos for our Story

Whatever you call them, that’s what we do!
We call them Sermon Shots.

Here’s some things about video content
that you might not realize:

58% of viewers will view an entire video if it’s under 60 seconds.
Video content accounts for 82% of all internet traffic.
60% of people prefer online video content over TV.

People retain as much as 95% of what they watch versus only 10% of what they read.

You already have so much to share!

Your existing and ongoing sermon video archive is an arsenal of content just waiting to reach people! All you need is the tool to set them loose!

If your church is spending hours every week creating sermon video content for social,
there’s a better way!

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We break it down into simple steps that anyone on your team can do; even your non-creative team.

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We automate almost everything and cut out all of the tedious, time-consuming work. Sermon Shots in minutes!

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We care about the quality of templates created for our churches. You will never lack for amazingly designed content!

We’ve already paid the professionals!

Check out some of our popular templates:

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square tempaltes
horizontal tempaltes

We work hard to balance our template library with options for both traditional and modern design styles. We're adding new templates every month also!

We get it – creating social media video content is hard for churches to maintain. But it doesn’t have to be.

The only thing that you need is your sermon video (and a laptop and wifi, but you’re already on that). We have everything else ready for you to start creating Sermon Shots right away!

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Here's some Churches that already trust us. Ready to join them?

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No Expensive Software
to Download
No Professional
Experience Needed
No Long-Term
Contracts Required
✓ 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee

✓ Cancel Anytime!

Monthly Yearly
No Credit Card
No CC required

  • 2 hours of video uploads
  • Unlimited Sermon Shots
  • Subtle Sermon Shots Logo added
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/ month paid yearly

  • 10 hours of video uploads per month
  • Unlimited Sermon Shots
  • No Sermon Shots Branding
  • Priority support
Most Spacious
/ month paid yearly

  • 20 hours of video uploads per month
  • Unlimited Sermon Shots
  • No Sermon Shots Branding
  • Priority support

Here’s How it Works!

Choose a Subscription Level

We have levels for every church, including our FREE account for you to give it a test run for the first month! Pick the one that works for you!

Start Creating Right Away

As soon as you choose your subscription you’re ready to start creating Sermon Shots! Upload your first sermon video and you’re ready to go!

Reach People

People in your community and around the world are waiting for what you have to offer. Short, meaningful and consistent sermon video content will make a difference for them and for your church growth.

Get Started Now

“Use social media more like a pulpit; use social media less like a bulletin.”
- Brady Shearer
Hey There! I'm Melissa.

I can’t wait to see how God uses Sermon Shots to partner with your church! I am here to help you make your Church more visible and make it simple!

My passion for leading worship began as a youth and led to my decision to attend Lee University, where I traveled the country with Lee Singers. I am excited to start a new season of ministry helping churches to reach people through their online presence, sharing the gospel with as many people as possible.