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About Us

Sermon Shots’ mission is to help Churches share content that reaches more people. More people in your church and outside of your church.

In order to best help your church, we have a friendly team with a vast amount of experience working and volunteering in the local church. We understand your needs because we have experienced it.

Let us help you reach more people.




Corey Alderin

CEO & Founder

Corey is a former developer and on the leadership team at his church. He provides leadership and vision for the Sermon Shots team.



Josh Wiley

Executive Strategist & Founder

Josh is passionate about helping Churches to reach more people with the Gospel message. He assists the CEO with strategy decisions along with helping to formulate long term strategic partnerships.



Melissa Womack

Customer Relations Lead

Melissa is a former worship leader at her church and is excited to start a new season of ministry helping churches reach people through their online presence, sharing the gospel with as many people as possible.



Richard Abear


Richard is a problem solver that loves to build things that impact people’s lives through the use of technology.



Erwin Obdin

Graphic designer

Erwin serves his church as a multimedia designer. He believes that creativity is a God-given gift that can be used to intensify the effectiveness of preaching the gospel.



Marvin Bentinganan


Marvin is a fan of Linux and loves everything open source. He is also an experienced web developer and likes to tinker with servers.



Jessica Chase

Demo Specialist

Jessica is an experienced communications specialist with an additional background in graphics and technical writing. Her passion is for the gospel to be easily and clearly communicated.



Byron Thompson

Brand Evangelist

Byron is the pastor of Lighthouse of Hope in southern Illinois.



Kim Lopez


Kim loves all things about software engineering. He is always up for solving problems and learning new and modern technologies.



Paul Elauria

Tech. Support

Paul thinks that every problem can be solved as long as it is logical. He’s a passionate programmer and couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else.




Anthony Ricker

Media & Video Advisor

Anthony has been working in video, media, and design for the past 15 years at his local church. He is excited to be able to use his creative talents to help more churches!


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