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Social Media But With Your Church's Voice
with Barbara Carneiro

Summary of the Video


Barbara Carneiro, a church communication and branding consultant, gave a presentation on effective social media strategies for churches.


She discussed the importance of understanding your church’s unique personality or “archetype” and aligning your social media presence with that. Examples of archetypes are teacher, visionary, friend, etc.


Knowing your archetype helps create an emotional connection and stand out authentically rather than just trying to be different.


She also talked about defining your church’s core values and “movement language” to create content that represents your heartbeat and identity.


For social media, focus on your niche and don’t feel you have to be on every platform. Post content that represents who you really are.


Corey Alderin of Sermon Shots demonstrated how their tool helps easily create short vertical video clips from sermons to share on social media.


Clips showcase your church’s message and personality. You can customize colors, fonts, etc. to match branding.


AI can suggest potential clips to use based on key moments in the sermon.


Overall, the main focus was on using social media authentically instead of just copying others, by understanding and sharing your church’s unique identity and message.


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