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Your Sermon Has the Potential to Go Viral 🚀

Churches that are following a few very basic steps are getting 1,000s of views and when you do this on a regular basis you will increase your chances of getting one that goes viral. 

How is this done?

Utilizing the fastest growing content...
Short video clips

Places like Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and Tiktok are exploding in growth

And your Church has a huge advantage...

You already have a goldmine of this content

Why aren't more Churches doing this?

Here is what I typically hear next...

My Team Can't

"I don’t have anyone on my team that knows how to do this"

We are Swamped

"My media team is swamped and could not add another thing to do"

Too Expensive

"I’ve tried to outsource this and it costs over $100 per clip"

We have great news

A Revolutionary AI Platform that Turns Your Sermon Into Clips
So Easily

I will prove it with this short video

2 Ways To Start For Free

14-day Free trial
with no limitations

Get started right away by doing it yourself and take advantage of the full platform with no restrictions.

Have the Sermon Shots team make 2 clips for you

With this option, we will send you the clips after a very brief 15-minute call where Jessica, our demo specialist, will show you the process of creating the clip and allow you to ask questions.


Sermon Shots has far exceeded out expectations... I cannot recommend it enough


"What used to take me 2 hours to do now takes me 2 minutes to do?

Hear it from customers

Hey There! I'm Melissa.

I can’t wait to see how God uses Sermon Shots to partner with your church! I am here to help you make your Church more visible and make it simple!

My passion for leading worship began as a youth and led to my decision to attend Lee University, where I traveled the country with Lee Singers. I am excited to start a new season of ministry helping churches to reach people through their online presence, sharing the gospel with as many people as possible.

Let's Make Your Sermon Go Viral