Sermon Shots Updates - Sermon Shots

Timeline of updates to Sermon Shots

Coming Soon

  • Coming next: Ability to fully customize your video in step 4
  • Ability to download the full transcription
  • Ability to create intro/outro for your videos
  • Ability to create your own personal templates



Nov. 22 2022

  • Ability to favorite templates for easy finding later
  • Ability to delete videos in step 1
  • Improvements to transcribing to make it faster
  • Improvements video processing
  • Bug fix: Going from step 4, choosing a new template, and then back to step 4, the options got removed.
  • 50 new templates


Oct. 20 2022

  • Speed perfomance improvements for uploading videos
  • Changing templates is much faster
  • 75 new templates with newer style of less graphics


Sept. 22 2022

  • Speed perfomance improvements to step 4
  • Small bug fixes
  • 50 new templates


Sept. 15 2022

  • Bug fix: Selecting music before preview was ready, caused music not to play
  • Bug fix: Logo on some templates was distorted


Sept. 5 2022

  • New Feature: Ability to upload music
  • New Feature: Ability to upload fonts
  • New Feature: On step 3 you now have the ability to find your selected block


Aug. 1 2022

  • Huge Improvement: An update to the transcription AI and now they are over 99% accurate. 
  • Improvement: easier handle to grab when trying to move words in step 3
  • Safari improvements