Sermon Shots Updates | Sermon Shots

Timeline of updates to Sermon Shots


May 2024

  • A New Look
  • Discussion Guide
  • Sermon Summaries
  • Blog Post
  • Audio Only for podcasts
  • Additional features: Projects, Drafts and Save to continue unfinished projects  for future completion

April 2024

  • Sermon Shots University
  • Full Service option
  • Start of BETA test for the new Feature updates
  • AI Camera crew – stability and performance update
  • AI Suggested clips – significantly improved selections

March 2024

  • Discussion Guides custom-made from your uploaded sermon
  • Enhanced view of transactions
  • Direct from Live Stream option for content uploads


February 2024

  • AI Camera Crew – auto-reframe/facial tracking of speaker


January 2024

  • Brand Kits – upon establishing an account, users can indicate logo, color, and fonts for easy branding consistency
  • Title and caption texts can now have an outlined appearance
  • Upgraded compilation speed between steps 3 and 4


October 2023

  • Server upgrade resulting in increased speed of overall software
  • Added a download file size option that is compatible with third=party social schedulers


September 2023

  • New templates to support trending content – simplified designs, subtle graphics, and graphic-heavy designs


August 2023

  • AI Suggested Clips – in addition to creating clips via timestamp or keyword search, users will now automatically receive 5+ suggested clips to make content creation quicker and more efficient


July 2023

  • Animated Hooks – show the hook/title of the sermon for a few seconds at the beginning and then they disappear
  • More templates added


June 2023

  • Improved video quality on downloads
  • Color/font customization,
  • Ability to add additional text boxes
  • Expanded caption editing
  • Social media previews


May 2023

  • New music options
  • New templates added

April 2023

  • Ability to resize elements
  • Ability to download full transcript

March 2023

  • added six additional languages: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese

November 2022

  • Ability to favorite templates for easy finding later
  • Ability to delete videos in step 1
  • Improvements to transcribing to make it faster
  • Improvements video processing
  • 50 new templates


October 2022

  • Speed perfomance improvements for uploading videos
  • Changing templates is much faster
  • 75 new templates with newer style of less graphics


September 2022

  • Speed perfomance improvements to step 4
  • Small bug fixes
  • 50 new templates
  • Ability to upload music
  • Ability to upload fonts
  • On step 3 you now have the ability to find your selected block


August 2022

  • Huge Improvement: An update to the transcription AI and now they are over 99% accurate.
  • Improvement: easier handle to grab when trying to move words in step 3
  • Safari improvements