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Sermon Shots & ChatGPT: Combining 2 AI Tools to Supercharge Your Sermon Reel Creation Process

What Is Sermon Shots?

Sermon Shots is a platform that utilizes AI to simplify and speed up your sermon reel creation process. Creating short 30-60 second clips of your sermon is vital for reaching your sermon’s full potential reach and Sermon Shots has made it really simple to do that. Anyone on your team can do it.


How to Get Started

Sermon Shots and ChatGPT both have free options so you can test them out.


ChatGPT Prompt Used

I am uploading a sermon transcript. Act as a social media expert and give me 3 of the most engaging quotes from this sermon that when put on a video will get great engagement. With each quote, please also give me an engagement metric that ranges from 0 to 10 where 10 means it will get extremely high engagement and 0 means it will get no engagement. Here is the transcript:


Summary of the Video


Upload Your Sermon in Sermon Shots (In Sermon Shots)

You can upload your sermon easily from Youtube or your computer.


Pick a Design/Template (In Sermon Shots)

There are over 500 designs to choose from so many choices to fit your church’s design and style.


What is a Hook?

A hook is part of the video that will draw people in and not want to swipe to the next video. This should be very short, grab attention, and then be on topic for what the rest of the video will be about.


Download Your Sermon Transcript (In Sermon Shots)

Downloading the full transcript is really simple inside the Sermon Shots platform. Just click the download button and save it to your computer.


Use ChatGPT to Find Hooks

Just upload your transcription and tell ChatGPT that you want engaging quotes from the sermon. The more descriptive you are, the better the results will be.


How to Clip the Video

Use the hooks from ChatGPT and search them inside the Sermon Shots platform to find where in the video, that hook is. You can search the sermon video as if it were a Word document.


Preview & Download the Clip

Watch the clip, make some edits to the design (optional), then download it.



Get Started

Sermon Shots and ChatGPT both have free options. Let’s start!