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Easiest Way to Create Sermon Clips to Make Your Sermon Go Viral

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What Is Sermon Shots?

Sermon Shots is a platform that utilizes AI to simplify and speed up your sermon reel creation process. Creating short 30-60 second clips of your sermon is vital for reaching your sermon’s full potential and Sermon Shots has made it really simple to do that. Anyone on your team can do it.


How to Get Started

Sermon Shots has a free option so you can test it. All AI is built right in so no need to sign up for anything else.


How ChatGPT & Other AI is Integrated

Sermon Shots has a unique modal that has gone through many iterations. It combines multiple AI platforms to accomplish one goal. It will return the best moments that have the most potential to be a viral moment on social media. 


Summary of the Video


Upload Your Sermon

You can upload your sermon easily from Youtube, your computer, or live stream.

Pick a Design/Template 

There are over 500 designs to choose from so many choices to fit your church’s design and style.


Cut Video with ‘AI Suggested Clips’

The AI will suggest 5-15 different parts of the video that are engaging, inspirational, and/or entertaining. You simply click on the ones you like. 

Or Cut Video By Searching and Selecting from Scratch

Search the Sermon like it’s a word document, finding the moments you remember and want to cut. Simply select the sentences you want and that’s it.

Customize the Design

You can use the video as is or change some design elements like colors, fonts, placements, etc. Plus add music in the background to give it some extra dramatic effect or add simple keys.

Preview & Download the Clip

Watch the clip, make some edits to the design (optional), then download it.


Get Started

Sermon Shots has a free option so you can test it. Let’s start!