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Note: All images below are for visual purposes only.

1. Quotes Extraction

These quotes could be used to put on images of the preacher and shared throughout the week on Facebook and Instagram.


2. Bible Verse Curation

These could be shared on an image to be shared on Facebook and Instagram. You could also create these as a Carousel to be shared 


3. Short Sermon Summary

You could use this in some of the descriptions of the images you share on social media. 

4. Long Sermon Summary

This can be used in the description of your sermon on YouTube or to create a blog post.

5. Social Media Carousel Creation

This is a really great way to visually represent the sermon on Facebook.


6. Engagement Questions

Great questions to ask that could drive some extra engagement. 


7. Discussion Guide

The Discussion Guide is a thoughtfully prepared, editable document designed to facilitate meaningful conversations around the sermon, crafted with all the essential elements for a productive discussion session. Incorporating the sermon title, a concise summary, opening and closing prayers, an ice-breaker question, key verses, 5-8 engaging questions, and a life application section, it serves as a comprehensive tool to delve deeper into the sermon’s message, fostering a rich, interactive, and reflective dialogue among participants.

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