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Start Using Sermon Shots

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How It Works

In 4 simple steps, you'll have the perfect sermon clips ready for all social platform.

Step 1

Upload Your Sermon

Upload from Youtube, Your Computer, or From your live-stream.

Step 2

Choose A Starting Design

Pick from over 1,000 templates as your starting design and be able to edit the design so it fits your church perfectly.

Step 3

Select Your Sermon's “Amen” Moments

Search the sermon as you would in a Word document or choose from AI-suggested clips, chosen for their engaging content. Remember, all selections are fully editable too, because you understand your audience better than any AI.

Step 4

Customize to Perfection

This is where your clip truly becomes yours. Tailor it to your vision by adjusting the color palette, changing fonts, adding background music, and more. These final touches ensure your sermon clip distinctly reflects your unique Church.

Best Features

AI Suggested Clips

Choose from 5-15 AI-generated clips, ready for immediate use. For a personal touch, effortlessly extend or trim them to get the exact fit for your message.

AI Camera Crew

Keep your pastor in focus, seamlessly capturing their movements as if a camera operator is tracking them. Perfect for dynamic speakers, this feature ensures they remain centered, no matter where they move on stage.

Upload via live stream, YouTube, or Computer

Simplify your workflow with easy YouTube uploads - just paste the URL and you're set. For live streams, enjoy the convenience of automatic uploads. Set it once and every service is captured and ready for clipping as soon as it ends, saving you time and effort.

Fully Transcribe Your Video Automatically

Nearly 100% accuracy with our automatic transcription. Each clip comes with flawlessly synchronized captions, ensuring your message is conveyed clearly and accurately. We support multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, German, and more.

Search Your Sermon Like a Word Document

Easily find memorable moments in your sermon. Just search for a keyword as you would in a Word document, and our platform takes you right to the part of the video where the pastor said it. No more guesswork or tedious scrubbing through the video.

Cut Your Video By Simply Choosing Sentences

Creating 15-90 second clips is as easy as selecting sentence blocks. Forget about pinpointing the exact millisecond — we automatically determine the perfect start and end points from your selections.

Add Music

Elevate your clips with the power of music to evoke the desired emotions. Choose from a variety of tones, from slow and mellow to upbeat, to match your message. Just like adding keys to a sermon's closing, you can now enhance any clipped moment. Opt for our commercially free music or upload your own, tailoring each clip to your unique vision.

Hook Animations

Capture your audience's attention in the crucial first 2-5 seconds. Our hook animations let you add an eye-catching title to your clip that appears briefly and then seamlessly disappears, ensuring your message stands out right from the start.

Download Transcription

Access the full sermon transcription with just one click. Enjoy the convenience of a nearly 100% accurate text, capturing every word of your message effortlessly.

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Start Using Sermon Shots

Create Your First Shot

Start Using Sermon Shots

Create Your First Shot