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Let's Make Your Sermon Viral

Very few people watch the full sermon but short form video is growing like crazy!

Short form video is growing significantly

Reaching Younger Demographics

Short-form videos like Instagram Reels are generally more appealing to younger audiences, who make up a significant portion of Instagram’s user base.

Grow Your Congregation with YouTube Shorts

Viewers are more likely to engage with Shorts content by liking, commenting, and sharing, which can boost visibility and reach.

Viral Potential

TikTok’s videos are shorter and more easily consumable than the longer-form content found on Netflix, making them more appealing to users.

Tiktok has caused competition so the perfect time to transition is now!

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, while Netflix has approximately 200 million subscribers globally.

The platform's algorithm favors content that generates engagement, which means that even small organizations and individual creators have the potential to reach a large audience with their content.

According to recent statistics, the popular short-form video-sharing app TikTok has attained a viewership level that rivals that of the prominent online streaming platform Netflix.

The best part is that you/your church has a gold mine of short content..

The effectiveness of video is not solely determined by the number of followers, but also by the quality of engagement with your audience.

You can leverage the power of videos to engage with your local community and promote events and services with the right demographics, even with a small number of followers.

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