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7 Traits Churches Should Look For When Hiring A Creative Arts Pastor

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There are several skills and traits to look for when hiring a creative arts pastor. A creative arts pastor oversees, organizes, and facilitates the creative elements of a church’s events and services. While each church has its own list of responsibilities, a creative arts pastor will typically manage a creative staff, arrange music, plan worship services, design visual backgrounds, create and edit videos and graphics, etc. If you’re looking for a creative arts pastor for your church, but unsure what traits to look for, we’ve got you covered! 

Below, we’ll discuss the top traits you should keep an eye out for to help you find an awesome creative arts pastor.

1. Leadership Skills

A creative arts pastor needs to have strong leadership skills. This role requires someone who can take charge, lead a team, and provide guidance to others. Excellent leadership skills will ensure that the team works like a well-oiled machine and that projects come together seamlessly. 

2. Excellent Communication Skills

This role requires someone who has excellent written and verbal communication skills. This person needs to properly and clearly communicate with their team, connect with the congregation, and work well with others.

3. A Faithful Follower

Ministries often look for creative pastors who are faithful followers of God. While no one’s journey with faith is perfect, you’ll want to find someone who through everything they’ve gone through in life, they’ve trusted God and developed a strong connection with the Lord. You’ll want to hire someone whose faith and values align with your church. This way, they’ll create content and set up events accurately representing your church and community. 

4. An Ability To Adapt

Since this position requires the candidate to take on so many different roles and wear different hats, it’s important they are adaptable. One day they could be creating video content for your church’s social media page and the next day they could be adjusting their area’s budget. The day-to-day responsibilities could differ. You’ll need someone who is willing to learn new things, has adequate problem-solving skills, and is able to take on change in the workplace. 

5. A Passion To Share The Message

You’ll want to hire someone who is not only passionate about their connection with God but a person who is dedicated to strengthening others’ connection with God, too. Creative art pastors work with a team to develop an engaging weekly service, which means you’ll want a motivated and passionate individual to take on this role. This way, you’ll have someone who wants to help create and share a powerful message with others. 

6. Creativity

One of the requirements of a creative arts pastor is for them to obviously be creative. You’ll want an individual who has unique, engaging, and exciting ways to get folks involved in the church and a deep desire for those folks to have a meaningful experience while connecting with God. 

7. Technology Skills

Technology skills are a must-have for this role. A creative arts pastor will coordinate and oversee multimedia productions, lighting, music, videos, graphics, etc. Technology is a big part of the role, and having prior experience with these tasks is ideal. 

A Must-Have Tool

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