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5 Stage Design Ideas For Small Churches On A Budget

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Church decor has drastically changed in the last couple of decades. Cathedrals with stunning stained-glass windows and high-vaulted ceilings were the style for the longest time; however, many churches have adopted a more contemporary and modern style – from their music to their stage designs. Many churches used to see stage design as more of a luxury or thought it would be “nice to have.” Today, it’s becoming more of a necessity. Stage design plays an important role in creating a welcoming, warm, creative, and comfortable environment. While many people believe that stage design is out of their reach due to the cost, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your stage is the focal point of your church, and a simple design can go a long way. In fact, you won’t want your decor to be too flashy because it can become a distraction. Below, we’ll discuss budget-friendly church stage design ideas.

1. LED Lighting

Lighting is truly key when it comes to your stage design. With lighting, there are three key important notes you want to hit. You’ll want to illuminate the stage respectfully. You don’t want the stage too dark to the point where you can’t fully see the person speaking. If your lights are dimmed, you’ll want to highlight different areas, like the speaker. By highlighting the speaker, you’re directing the audience’s full attention to them and their message. If your lights are dimmed, and you don’t have a spotlight, it will be nearly impossible for the audience to fully see them. This can become incredibly distracting. Lastly, you’ll want to set the scene with your lighting. Lighting designs in churches have become extremely popular. A simple and budget-friendly church stage design idea you can do is to upgrade your current lighting. You can switch your lighting fixtures to Edison bulbs or cafe hanging lights. If you want a backdrop lighting display to make your stage stand out, you should look into LED tape. You can create different designs and simple patterns with LED tape that will give your stage a pop of color and make it more aesthetically appealing. 

2. Wood Pallets

Utilizing wood pallets has become a popular trend in churches because it’s an inexpensive, simple, and attractive way to use up space. You can either use wood boards or wood pallets, and you have the option to stain, paint, or keep them natural. If you want to dress up your wood pallets, you can also intertwine LED lights in them. The options for using wood pallets on your stage are practically endless!

3. PVC Pipes

While having PVC pipes on this list may surprise you, PVC is a budget-friendly item that creates a lot of dimensions on stage. With PVC pipes, you can simply cut, paint, and create them into a unique backdrop. There are several patterns that you can arrange the PVC pipes in, and you have the freedom to design your backdrop the way you want it to look.

4. Christmas Decor

While there are some great Christmas decorations you can buy at the store, they can be quite expensive. However, you can decorate for Christmas in a budget-friendly way without going over the top. You can simply hang a few strands of Christmas lights, add a Christmas rug on your stage, or change some of your LED bulbs to a more festive color. While celebrating your stage for the holidays will help get the congregation into the holiday spirit, you can add little festive touches for a more simple and fresh church stage without cluttering it.

5. Coroplast

Another design option that’s become wildly popular in the church community that’s inexpensive is Coroplast. Coroplast, or corrugated plastic, is lightweight, flexible, and versatile. This type of material reflects and catches light beautifully, so in combination with a great lighting display and a unique pattern, the Coroplast is an excellent option to up your stage design game. 

In Conclusion

While stage design is important, minimalistic designs go a long way. If you have a smaller church or auditorium-style church, you won’t want anything too flashy as it will look cluttered. Since many churches record their sermons and post them online, the viewpoint is minimized. This means that anything too flashy in the background could take away from your teachings. With any of the listed design ideas above, you’ll be able to create a presentable stage design without emptying your wallets, that will look great in person and on camera. If you post your sermons online, make sure you check out our services at Sermon Shots. With Sermon Shots, you’ll be able to simply edit your clips in a few minutes. Sermon Shots will make your clips more engaging and help make them stand out more. There are ways that you can integrate your stage design, like changing the color of the text to match it. By integrating a budget-friendly church stage design and a well-crafted sermon clip, you’ll be sure to capture your audience’s attention. 

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