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2 Sermon Clips in 24 Hours

Running short on time and need your sermon clips ready fast? Let us help!

Guarantee: Receive in 24 hours or your money back.

Created by the team that makes over 750 clips a month

Here’s How it Works!

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Provide your Sermon

Provide a Youtube link or a location where it can be downloaded (like Dropbox).

Important note: A Youtube link or dropbox file needs to be public.

Get Your 2 Clips Tomorrow

Melissa will send you the clips by the next day or your money back. Plus, she can show you exactly how to do it to save you hours and money each week.


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You already have so much to share!

Your existing and ongoing sermon video archive is an arsenal of content just waiting to reach people! All you need is the tool to set them loose!
Hey I'm Melissa. I'll be your rep.

I can’t wait to give you some clips of your Church so you can start to use them and see the impact they make for your social media and Church.

My passion for leading worship began as a youth and led to my decision to attend Lee University, where I traveled the country with Lee Singers. I am excited to start a new season of ministry helping churches to reach people through their online presence, sharing the gospel with as many people as possible.

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